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Radikal - Songs of the Year 2021

‘Songs of the Year 2021’ – Radikal Records Wrap-Up

With the year coming to a close we’re looking back with a 2021 Wrap-Up to recap some of the Radikal Records highlights from this past year. Thank you to all our artists and listeners for another great year of independent music. We’ll see you in 2022!

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Intro – Rompasso & Leony – “Love Me”
Salt Ashes – “Too Many Times”
Allegra – “Used to Miss You (R3HAB Remix)”
Bombs Away – “Don’t You Dare”
Maddox Jones – “Somewhere There’s a Plan (Believe It)”
RIP Youth – “Fake (feat. Ranger)”
NOSFE x Alexandra Stan x Sak Noel – “Tembleque (feat. feat. Los Tioz)”
Manuel Riva x IRADIA – “Modern Love”
Edward Artemyev & Rompasso – “Space Melody”
Molella & Devonte – “Just Love”
Thoby – “I’ll Be There”
Mr. Mike & JTV – “Put Your Hands Up! (Everybody) Joe T Vannelli Mix”
Maddox Jones – “Can’t Wait for the Summer (Bombs Away Remix)”
Salt Ashes – “Love, Love”
Misha Miller – “Red Blue”
Bombs Away – “Love Magic”
Patrik Humann & Mathilde – “The Fool”
Allegra – “If You Wanna Love Me”
Molella & Adam Jaymes – “It’s Alright”
Salt Ashes – “Lucy”
Maddox Jones – “Make Me Yours”
Outro – RIP Youth – “It’s A Vibe”

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 Happy New Year from Radikal Records!

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