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Fault Magazine Chats With Up and Coming Trio MDNGHT

Fault Magazine recently caught up with up and coming trio MDNGHT to gain some more insight on the band. Fault Magazine interviewed the UK based trio, in which they discussed how the band got started, their music influences, and much more. You can read some of the interview below but for the full interview head over to

Can you tell us more about MDNGHT? How did you guys meet each other and how did it all get started? 

The three of us have been friends for years. In fact, Ant and Will have been friends since they were 5! We’ve all individually played music, dabbled in song writing and production from being teenagers, so we just kind of naturally came together a few years ago and started making music together. Musically, we hit it off straight away and we haven’t looked back since.

How would you describe the music you make?

It’s a mix of elements of House, Disco, Soul, and R&B. If you can imagine The Weeknd, Nile Rodgers, and Hot Natured getting together in the studio & making a track, it’d probably sound a bit like a rip off of us (laughs). Joking of course.

Watch MDNGHT’s music video for “Breeze” below:

What’s your inspiration and music influences?

We take inspiration from so much. Right now we’re taking a lot of inspiration from old Michael Jackson material. Off The Wall is one of our favourite albums. The production, the guitars, the vocals; I guess that’s the level we strive to be at. You really can’t knock any element of it. It still sounds so fresh today, and it’s 36 years old! Imagine how exciting that sounded in 1979. We’ll let you in a little secret actually… we’re currently working on our own cover of one of the best tracks from that album. We’ll let you guess which.

To be totally honest, at this point what inspires us most to make music is classic disco, soul, motown etc. The quality of the songwriting back then was; and we hate to say it; so much higher than what’s about today. That’s the ultimate goal with our music. To be write songs that good.

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“Breeze” is available to purchase on iTunes. Watch the music video for “Breeze” above, or you can check out their YouTube channel.  You can listen to more from MDNGHT on SoundCloud. Make sure you stay up to date with every thing MDNGHT by following them on Twitter and on Facebook.

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