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Check Out MDNGHT’s Exclusive Interview With Phoenix Magazine

Manchester house trio, MDNGHT, recently sat down with Phoenix Magazine, where they spoke about their music, what inspires them musically, fun facts about each other, and much more. You can read some of the interview below, but be sure to head over to Phoenix Magazine to read the full feature.

What is the concept behind MDNGHT and the band name?
Anthony: When we started out making music, we were always in the studio in the middle of the night, around midnight and later, working into the early hours, trying to create our sound. When we were coming up with the band name, we started throwing words around, and the word midnight just stuck out to us. The sound of our music felt very night-time-y.
Jordan: We were more inspired in the night. We were all up late, we went to bed at 3, 4, 5 in the morning, even 6 sometimes. We would leave the studio the next morning; it just got normal for us.
 Anthony: Life is more fun at night.

What inspires you musically?
Jordan: I think as a trio, we all started going out to Ibiza, places like Sankeys, and the buzz we got from that type of music, we wanted to give that kind of feel to the people who were listening to our music.
Anthony: We like going out and watching DJs, but we also like bands, so we wanted to meld the two. We wanted to have the house vibe, but with a live band experience.

How would you describe each other?
Anthony: I can tell you now that Will is the romantic one. He’s known for serenading girls with his guitar when he gets drunk. He’s made several girls cry that way. He does a really emotional cover of Boys II Men.
Will: I’d say Anthony is quite manly.
Anthony: Manly?!?
Will: Yeah and definitely a joker.
Anthony: I’d say Jordan is quite the joker too. When we go out, he’s usually the centre of attention, and he is great at impressions.

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Watch the official music video for MDNGHT’s “Breeze” below:

MDNGHT’s “Breeze” is available to purchase on iTunes. Watch the music video for “Breeze” above, or you can check out their YouTube channel.  You can listen to more from MDNGHT on SoundCloud. Make sure you stay up to date with every thing MDNGHT by following them on Twitter and on Facebook.

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