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Masterbeaters Features Ayah Marar’s “Go Hard” Video Clip

The Powerpuff Girls inspired video for Ayah Marar’s single “Go Hard” was recently released, and it didn’t take long before blog coverage came about. Music blog, Masterbeaters featured the video and also did a nice review of the track as well. You can read the review and check out the video below. Check out the original post on Masterbeaters here.

Ayah isn’t one to shy away from her love for the club and admits that raving is engraved in her soul. ‘Go Hard’ pays homage to her dance floor roots and it’s bashy, bold nature oozes with the Jordan girls infectious attitude. Featuring close friend and fellow tour companion ‘Illaman’, ‘Go Hard’ is packed with buoyant percussion and a sensually smooth bassline.

To say Ms Marar has been busy would be an understatement. Since the start of the year Ayah’s been awarded ‘Best Female’ at The National Drum & Bass Awards, she’s started her own show on BBC Radio 1xtra, toured and if all that wasn’t enough Ayah still finds time to run her own label, ‘Hussle Girl’ which continues to open doors for new, aspiring artists.

Ayah has been enjoying the incredible response to her album track with Calvin Harris – ‘Thinking About You’, which went to #1 in the Hype Machine last year. Ayah and Calvin’s friendship can be traced far back and their fans will be extremely excited to hear that they’re getting back in the studio together very soon.

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