ayah marar - go hard

Ayah Marar – Go Hard

Ayah Marar’s debut album “The Real,” released in the UK last year, has propelled her to the forefront of the bass music scene. Championed by the likes of Q Magazine (four stars), Dazed Digital, Vibe, Mixmag, Timeout and The Sun who have labelled her the “Queen Of Bass,” it’s clear that Ayah’s army of supporters is ever growing.

Now for the first time, Ayah will see her latest single “Go Hard” released in the US and Canada via Radikal Records. The single is available on iTunes and the Radikal website today. The single is accompanied by two remixes from Destro and Ellington and coincides with the debut of a band new, action packed, superhero-esque animated music video.

“Go Hard” should serve as a terrific introduction for Ayah to EDM music fans all over the North American continent, with more singles and a full release of “The Real” to come in the summer of 2013 via Radikal Records.

Ayah isn’t one to shy away from her love for the club and admits that raving is engraved in her soul. “Go Hard” pays homage to her dance floor roots and its bashy, bold nature oozes with the Jordan-born girl’s infectious attitude. Featuring close friend and fellow tour companion Illaman, “Go Hard” is packed with buoyant percussion and a sensually smooth bassline.

All MP3s available below are encoded at 320 kbps for highest sound quality.

01. Original
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02. Destro Remix
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03. Ellington Remix
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