Bombs Away – Super Soaker

“Grab Your Super Soaker, Fill It Up With Vodka!”

Bombs Away has managed to become one of the most popular remixers in the game. Their high energy performances and party anthems have made them a hit amongst the festival circuit both in their native Australia and abroad. What makes Bombs Away unique is their ability to produce hits while experimenting with multiple genres — Dubstep, Hip-Hop, Electro, and Hard House.

Thomas Hart and Sketch are the creative minds behind Bombs Away. Fresh off the heels of their hit single “Swagger,” the duo is set to dominate the charts again with “Super Soaker.” The song’s catchy hook and repetitive rhythms are perfectly matched with Hart’s suggestive lyrics. These Aussies are always the life of the party and their accompanying music video does not disappoint. The pair wage a war with beautiful girls in bikinis who are armed with water guns. Coming from Bombs Away, could you expect anything else?

Radikal Records completes this package with remixes from some of the biggest names in EDM — Mark Breeze, Pelussje, Smile On Impact, Brooklyn Bounce, Pheststa, Mobin Master, & Tate Strauss. Producer Mike Modulate (better known as Rocket Pimp) created a breakthrough remix of “Swagger.” Now, he returns with a pulse-raising, electro-house remix of “Super Soaker” that is not to be missed.

All MP3s available below are encoded at 320 kbps for highest sound quality.

01. Original Extended Mix
Download MP3 ($1.99)

02. Radio Edit
Download MP3 ($1.00)

03. Mobin Master & Tate Strauss Remix
Download MP3 ($1.99)

04. Pelussje Remix
Download MP3 ($1.99)

05. Phetsta Remix
Download MP3 ($1.99)

06. Kronic Remix
Download MP3 ($1.99)

07. Smile On Impact Remix
Download MP3 ($1.99)

08. Mark Breeze Remix
Download MP3 ($1.99)

09. Brooklyn Bounce Remix
Download MP3 ($1.99)

10. Rave Radio Edit
Download MP3 ($1.00)

11. Rocket Pimp Remix
Download MP3 ($1.99)

Download All Mixes In One Zip File ($16.99)

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