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Brisby & Jingles – Fantasy Girl


Radikal Records announces the release of “Fantasy Girl”, a melodic dance ballad from Eurodance artists Brisby & Jingles.
Founded in 2000 by Germans Dirk Waldt (Brisby) and Jorn Riebenstahl (Jingles), Brisby & Jingles have become synonymous with great production and fresh sounds. Their most successful remix to date was “L’Amour Toujours”, a cover of Gigi D’Agostino’s biggest hit. Published in more than 50 countries, the single remained in the top 10 international club charts for several months.

Brisby & Jingles’ new release “Fantasy Girl” fuses elements of house and hip-hop, resulting in a catchy dance single that can only be described as electro-R&B. DJ Alex C. offers the most club-friendly remix of the original, while the Hands Up remix delivers an additional burst of energy.This package also includes the Geeno Fabulous remix, a throwback rendition that perfectly blends doo-wop and 90′s freestyle influences.

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Bombs Away – Super Soaker


“Grab Your Super Soaker, Fill It Up With Vodka!”

Bombs Away has managed to become one of the most popular remixers in the game. Their high energy performances and party anthems have made them a hit amongst the festival circuit both in their native Australia and abroad. What makes Bombs Away unique is their ability to produce hits while experimenting with multiple genres — Dubstep, Hip-Hop, Electro, and Hard House.

Thomas Hart and Sketch are the creative minds behind Bombs Away. Fresh off the heels of their hit single “Swagger,” the duo is set to dominate the charts again with “Super Soaker.” The song’s catchy hook and repetitive rhythms are perfectly matched with Hart’s suggestive lyrics. These Aussies are always the life of the party and their accompanying music video does not disappoint. The pair wage a war with beautiful girls in bikinis who are armed with water guns. Coming from Bombs Away, could you expect anything else?

Radikal Records completes this package with remixes from some of the biggest names in EDM — Mark Breeze, Pelussje, Smile On Impact, Brooklyn Bounce, Pheststa, Mobin Master, & Tate Strauss. Producer Mike Modulate (better known as Rocket Pimp) created a breakthrough remix of “Swagger.” Now, he returns with a pulse-raising, electro-house remix of “Super Soaker” that is not to be missed.

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DJs From Mars Feat. Fragma – Insane (In Da Brain)


Radikal Records announces the release of “Insane (In Da Brain)” by DJs From Mars Featuring Fragma. Since its debut, the single and its accompanying music video has become a viral sensation, paying homage to the best videos in pop culture and dance music like Benny Benassi, 50 Cent, Bruno Mars, and The Chemical Brothers.

DJ’s From Mars have become one of the biggest “bootleg” acts in the business. Their ability to create genre-bending hits can be directly attributed to their diverse collaborations. Since emerging on the scene in 2004 they have remixed songs from everyone from Adele to Nirvana. Following their 2008 single “Who Gives A Fuck About Deejays”, “Insane (In Da Brain)” further solidifies their place as one of the biggest acts in dance music.

Fragma is a German dance project that was founded in 1998 by brothers Marco and Dirk Duderstadt and Producer Ramon Zenker. The group added German vocalist Damae Klein and recorded their first break-out single “Toca Me” in 2000. Fragma went on to produce “Toca’s Miracle” which became one of the biggest mash up tracks in dance music. The group continued their success with chart topping singles like “Embrace Me”, and “You Are Alive”. Marco & Dirk Duderstadt have diversified their sound across multiple genres. Under the moniker Duderstadt, the duo became acclaimed trance producers, creating cutting edge tracks that are supported by the biggest names in the industry. As Inpetto, the duo shifted towards a progressive house sound, remixing for the likes of Jerry Ropero and Cosmic Gate.

With the single “Insane (In Da Brain)” Fragma and Damae are ready to dominate the dance-floor once again through their collaboration with DJs From Mars. Gabry Ponte delivers a mix with pop sensibility while DJ Erro transforms the single with a dubstep remix. Production duo Rico Bernasconi & Max Farenthide bring a deeper, progressive house mix and additional remixers include Muttonheads, DB Pure, The Coolbreezers, and DJ Ross & Anthony Viale.

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Tomato Jack – Bei Mir Bist Du Shoen


The Andrews Sisters help popularize the Swing with their 1937 hit single, Bei Mir Bist Du Shoen. In 2011, German producer, Tomato Jack brings the Swing back with an electronic touch. This club version of the song is a refreshing take on a vintage classic. This single contains 3 versions of the song including the video mix, extended mix, and radio edit.

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Friscia And Lamboy – Caya Caya

caya caya cover 05

Radikal Records announces the release of Caya Caya from veteran house DJs Frank Lamboy and Glenn Friscia.

Friscia & Lamboy have worked as a production team since 2003 having remixed some of the biggest pop songs of the last decade. Their collaborations include some of the biggest names in the music industry such as Mariah Carey, Britney Spears, and Cher. Their success lies in their ability to blend soaring vocals with Tribal and Progressive House beats. This ability to transcend genres is apparent once again in their new release Caya Caya; a Latin House record filled with percussion and soul.

The songs upbeat progression and dominant piano make it hard for any listener to sit still. This package includes the vocal edit along side the La PLaya, Piano Forte, and Saxy Club remixes.

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Die Apotheka – Welcome To Apotheka

Apotheka Cover 250

Who knew that a PA announcement warning about the ill effects of drugs could be so much fun. While a monotone German voice advises against the use of a list of psychotropic and medicinal drugs, pointing out that you’ll be in for the shock of your life if you don’t heed the advice, Die Apotheka build their electronic beats to a hypnotic crescendo, welcoming the listener to their musical “drugstore” and taking them on their very own special trip. If you want to get lost in music, get your recipe filled at the Apotheka. Read more…

Tanga Team feat. 2 Eivissa- Big Fiesta

big fiesta cover art 250

In a cold winter, nothing is more welcome than a hot splash of sunshine and the sound of a festive party. Tanga Team delivers its summer anthem Big Fiesta just in time for spring break. This is a song that will prove to be popular in clubs and at the beach. A proven hit in Europe from Spain all the way to Scandinavia, Tanga Team delivers a massive dose of happy vibes to party people everywhere. For fans of the Venga Boys! Read more…

Time After Time Volume 3

Time After Time 3

Everyone’s favorite trance cover versions are back on Time After Time Volume 3 – 12 massive pop hits trance-formed for the 21st century!

Take some of the most well-loved pop records from the past 30 years, rework them, remix them, and turn them into some of the biggest trance anthems ever, then assemble them all onto one package. Talk about a time machine! Get up and dance as we trance-form the top hits of the 70′s, 80′s and 90′s into hits of the future.

The ultimate party compilation, listen to it once and you’ll want to play it over and over – Time After Time. (put your music player on repeat and you’ll be okay) Read more…