Brisby & Jingles – Fantasy Girl

Radikal Records announces the release of "Fantasy Girl", a melodic dance ballad from Eurodance artists Brisby & Jingles. Founded in 2000 by Germans Dirk Waldt (Brisby) and Jorn Riebenstahl (Jingles), Brisby & Jingles

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Bombs Away – Super Soaker

"Grab Your Super Soaker, Fill It Up With Vodka!" Bombs Away has managed to become one of the most popular remixers in the game. Their high energy performances and party anthems have made them a hit amongst the

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DJs From Mars Feat. Fragma – Insane (In Da Brain)

Radikal Records announces the release of "Insane (In Da Brain)" by DJs From Mars Featuring Fragma. Since its debut, the single and its accompanying music video has become a viral sensation, paying homage to the best

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Tomato Jack – Bei Mir Bist Du Shoen

The Andrews Sisters help popularize the Swing with their 1937 hit single, Bei Mir Bist Du Shoen. In 2011, German producer, Tomato Jack brings the Swing back with an electronic touch. This club version of the song is a

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caya caya cover 05

Friscia And Lamboy – Caya Caya

Radikal Records announces the release of Caya Caya from veteran house DJs Frank Lamboy and Glenn Friscia. Friscia & Lamboy have worked as a production team since 2003 having remixed some of the biggest pop songs

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Apotheka Cover 250

Die Apotheka – Welcome To Apotheka

Who knew that a PA announcement warning about the ill effects of drugs could be so much fun. While a monotone German voice advises against the use of a list of psychotropic and medicinal drugs, pointing out that you'll

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big fiesta cover art 250

Tanga Team feat. 2 Eivissa- Big Fiesta

In a cold winter, nothing is more welcome than a hot splash of sunshine and the sound of a festive party. Tanga Team delivers its summer anthem Big Fiesta just in time for spring break. This is a song that will prove

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Time After Time 3

Time After Time Volume 3

Everyone's favorite trance cover versions are back on Time After Time Volume 3 - 12 massive pop hits trance-formed for the 21st century! Take some of the most well-loved pop records from the past 30 years, rework

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