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Salt Ashes - Love, Love - Music Video Premiere

Ones To Watch Premiere Salt Ashes’ “Love, Love” Music Video – Blurring the Line Between Love & Obsession

Los Angeles based music blog Ones To Watch has delivered the premiere of Salt Ashes video for her new single “Love, Love”. Applauding Salt Ashes efforts on the self-directed music video, Ones To Watch state, “it takes true merit to punch through the alt-pop genre, a very crowded space where artistry is very often immediately compromised into streaming and TikTok tropes“.

Exploring the questionable consensual nature of unrequited love, the track features smooth synth-pop blended with punchy bass lines and an immaculate self-confidence, while its intriguing video plays with the notion of bondage – both physical and mental.

Visually, the video nails that compromised feeling with an obsessive love interest, bondage gear, and an intrusive sense of helplessness. Full trigger warning for those who value personal space. There’s much more to come from Salt Ashes in the future, and we are here for it, hopefully not as obsessively as her past lovers.
Ones To Watch

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Director & Producer: Salt Ashes
Cinematographer, Lighting, Editor, Colourist: Rio Carciero

Styling: Salt Ashes
Makeup: Sophie Cox
Assistant: Sophie Knowles
Actor: Christopher Sherwood

On the concept behind the video Salt Ashes states, “The whole video for me was about creating uneasiness for the viewer and keeping them guessing as to what’s actually happening. I specifically wanted a bright room to contrast the darkness of the character and to give it an almost clinical feel, this would then, I hoped, lull people into a false sense of security at the start of the video before learning the cynical side of the situation. 

We soon learn that it’s not as innocent as that and things take a creepy turn. I thought this approach would be an interesting spin on the lyrics that talk about the pressures of being in a new relationship when you’re unsure if it’s actually what you want and whether you’re right for each other. 

The most important aspect of the video for me was going to be the actor. We needed someone who could easily move between all of the manic emotions which this actor, Chris Sherwood, absolutely nailed. Out of 150 applicants he was 100% the right choice for this role.”

“Love, Love” is the second single from Salt Ashes highly anticipated sophomore album following-up “Too Many Times”, which was also accompanied by a self-directed music video. More details on the album coming soon. Be sure to follow Salt Ashes on social media for more info.

Salt Ashes - Love, Love - Cover Art

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