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EQ Music Blog Raves about Salt Ashes’ Single “Girls”

Read EQ Music Blog’s latest feature on Salt Ashes’ new single “Girls”

EQ Music Blog recently featured Salt Ashes’ newest single “Girls” shortly after the singer-songwriter’s highly talked-about track released via Radikal Records on Friday, May 4th.   EQ Music Blog has supported Salt Ashes for years, and they were thrilled to finally hear a brand new song from her.  Writer Mandy Rogers called “Girls” Salt Ashes’ “most direct track to date”, claiming the song’s strengths are in its catchiness.

eq music blog salt ashes "girls"

Mandy Rogers explained why “Girls” is much more than a dance music track:

Salt Ashes aspires to make pop music with substance and “Girls” is more inward-looking than, typical dance floor stormers. “The track is about breaking the stereotypes of people who want to express themselves and their sexuality freely without the “slut shaming” or being told that they’re “asking for it”, explains the singer. We soon find out, when listening to the track, the empowering greatness of the lyrics, are designed to take us on a fierce, melodic, rollercoaster ride, full of sentiment and is a call to arms for women across the globe.

Read Salt Ashes’ feature in full at EQ Music Blog here.

“Girls” has been featured on Spotify’s New Music Friday in the UK and South Africa among other taste-maker playlists such as PressPLAY OK’s New Music Friday playlistKickKickSnare’s Condensed Spotify PlaylistFortitude Mag’s Spotify playlistand more.


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