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Record of the Day features Salt Ashes’ Single, “Girls”

Record of the Day: Salt Ashes’ “Girls” ‘destined to be played loud on dark dance floors’

Record of the Day has made Salt Ashes‘ new single “Girls” their editorially-chosen ‘Record of the Day’.  Salt Ashes released “Girls” last Friday, May 4th via Radikal Records.  Having supported past Salt Ashes releases and following her career, Record of the Day were thrilled to share why “Girls” will be a huge dance track:

Released last Friday, Girls is RotD favourite Salt Ashes‘ first new material since releasing her sublime self-titled debut in 2016. Co-written with the band Born Stranger and produced by Tom Fuller, the track builds on her polished blend of disco noir and dark-pop with big, bassline hooks and an infectiously deviant beat. Destined to be played loud on dark dance floors, the track is about “breaking the stereotypes of people who want to express themselves and their sexuality freely without the ‘slut shaming’ or being told that they’re ‘asking for it'”.

View Salt Ashes’ feature on Record of the Day here.

Salt Ashes - Girls

Since its release last Friday, “Girls” has been featured on Spotify’s New Music Friday in the UK and South Africa among other taste-maker playlists such as PressPLAY OK’s New Music Friday playlistKickKickSnare’s Condensed Spotify PlaylistFortitude Mag’s Spotify playlistand more.


Read more about the release of Salt Ashes’ new single “Girls” here


“Girls” is now available on these major digital music platforms:

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