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UTV Romania Sits Down with Snow for an Interview

UTV Romania interviews Snow on the set of his new music video

Radikal Records and 90’s legend Snow recently flew out to Romania to film a new music video for his new track “Informer 2018”, and sat down with UTV Romania to talk about his trip to the European country, how “Informer 2018” came to be and what goals Snow has left to accomplish.

UTV Romania: “What can you tell us about this remix?”

Snow: “Audiofreaks from England, they did a lot of the remixes, so they got a hold of me- Matt got a hold of me and was like ‘yo! I think we should do a 25 year anniversary [remix] of ‘Infomer’ and I was like ‘all right! I know how to sing that still!’ so, we just came up with it, and then I did and then I sent it over to him and he did all these remixes.  And then Radikal Records picked it up.”

The interviewer of UTV Romania went on to ask Snow a poignant question about “Informer”, as the original artist of the breakout reggae single.

UTV Romania: “What does Informer mean to you?”

Snow: “It means getting out of trouble, it means buying my mother a house, it means success, for me… but, yknow, it was meaningful for me because I was going through a certain time of my life when I wrote it. I was in jail, yknow?  So I wrote it, not thinking I was going to be going to jail for a long time, but not knowing I went in there to write this song, the number one song.  So when I came out, it blew up. It was like, “oh so maybe I need to go back to jail to write another one, huh?

Watch the UTV Romania interview with Snow in full on YouTube here: 

Snow “Informer 2018” is now available on iTunesGoogle Play, and Amazon.  You can stream “Informer 2018 (Audiofreaks Mix) on Spotify.

Read more about the release of “Informer 2018” here.

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  1. Hase - March 3, 2018 9:44 am

    Im a big fan of Snow…is it true that he is now signed to Radical Records?…..releasing new album thru the label??