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Idolator Premieres Salt Ashes’ New Single ‘Save It’

Brighton based emerging artist, Salt Ashes is gearing up to release her new single ‘Save It,’ tomorrow, Friday, May 6th. Prior to the release, Idolator premiered the “beat-filled love song” exclusively on their site. Check out what the head to say about the powerful new single below. Head over to Idolator to stream the track exclusively!

After serving us moody electro excursion “Somebody,” pop number “If You Let Me Go,”and the housey “Raided,” Salt Ashes has whipped up a firecracker with new single “Save It.” (Seriously, just wait for that powerhouse of a middle eight.) Obviously we were right to peg her as one of the Under The Radar Synth-Pop Acts We Loved In 2014.

Dance-pop cut “Save It” finds Salt Ashes sounding crisper and more focused than ever, and all signs are (hopefully) pointing to an imminent full length release from the Brighton singer. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. For now, Idolator is premiering “Save It” ahead of the song’s official release on Friday (May 6) at digital retailers.

“‘Save it’ is about fighting for a love that others don’t approve of but it’s so etched into your skin and soul that you can’t think or do anything else,” Salt Ashes tells Idolator. “I co-wrote the song with Rob Irving (House of Emeralds) within a couple of really chilled sessions, and the first thing we created was the basslinem, which we fell in love with. After that, the lyrics and everything else flew out pretty quickly.”

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Salt Ashes lead single off of her debut album, “Save It” will be available for digital purchase and streaming worldwide tomorrow, Friday May 6, 2016. The single is currently available for pre-order on iTunes.

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