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Salt Ashes Nerdy Frames Interview

Nerdy Frames’ Interview with Salt Ashes

Radikal Records recording artist Salt Ashes was interviewed by Nerdy Frames following the release of her new single, “Raided.”  Nerdy Frames spoke with Salt Ashes about her songwriting process, including her personal influences, what inspires her to write, and the unique production behind her music:

NF: Obviously you’re doing the vocal work, so are you also behind the production as well? Because its just a perfect marriage in my opinion.

SA: Thank you! I have an incredible producer called Cruelty… My musical husband, shall we say?!

I show him my ideas as a demo usually and he’ll make the magic happen. Sometimes we’ll use something from the original demo, like a bass line, but he always makes my work shine farther than I can.

Nerdy Frames also wondered how Salt Ashes’ fans and the media were responding to her releases thus far, to which Salt Ashes said she felt humbled:

NF: Earlier I said that I loved your music but what has been the initial reaction from fans or media thus far? You have received a lot of plays on your Soundcloud as of late so that is a good indication.

SA: So far, everything’s been really positive so all I can hope for is for that to continue and for my music to be heard by more and more people. It’s really humbling and always a shock when I receive nice comments on my work.

You can read the rest of the interview by clicking here.  To check out Nerdy Frames’ review of “Raided,” click here.  Purchase Salt Ashes’ single “Raided” on iTunes as well as stream her music on Spotify and Bandcamp.

Salt Ashes will be playing a show at Heaven in London April 8th, click here to purchase tickets.  For more Salt Ashes updates, check out her Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.