Skreatch VS. Joe Smooth – Promised Milkshake 2013

DJ Skreatch is back with and epic mash-up and remix package. “Promised Milkshake 2013″ is a clever mash-up between the 80’s classic house track “Promised Land” and the classic urban hit “Milkshake.” Included in the 2013 remixes are electro house and house mixes by Skreatch, Mark Wagner and Voskhod 1.

Skreatch (real name Luc Rigaux) was the founding member of the famous DJ/Producer team The Unity Mixers. From pure underground music to very commercial, Skreatch has produced a multitude of hits, including the cult, techno track “O Fortuna” by Apotheosis. He has also produced remixes for many famous artists, usually reaching the top of the charts in countries around the world. Luc was a guest DJ on the famous UK “Battle Of The DJs” album side by side with Carl Cox.

Even after The Unity Mixers project disbanded, Skreatch continued to produce many other projects (Royal Gigolos, Ritmo Bros, Friskoo), having his latest tracks released by the best dance labels around the world.

All MP3s available below are encoded at 320 kbps for highest sound quality.

Track listing:

01. Promised Milkshake 2013 (Skreatch’s Nervous Edit)
Download MP3 ($1.00)

02. Promised Milkshake 2013 (Skreatch’s Nervous Mix)
Download MP3 ($1.99)

03. Promised Milkshake 2013 (MW Remix Radio Cut)
Download MP3 ($1.00)

04. Promised Milkshake 2013 (MW Remix Extended)
Download MP3 ($1.99)

05. Promised Milkshake 2013 (Voskhod 1 Mix)
Download MP3 ($1.99)

Download All Mixes In One Zip File ($5.99)

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One thought on “Skreatch VS. Joe Smooth – Promised Milkshake 2013

  1. Rmart 1 month ago

    Like this version very much. Can you tell me The name of The dancer in The videoclip?