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Chubby Beavers Blog Discovers Tom Boxer’s Morena Featuring Antonia

Chubby Beavers is a blog that was created back in 2009 by a couple of friends from USC. Their mission is to bring followers the “fattest music around” .In time, the word spread of this bad-ass blog, and the site gained a substantial and dedicated following.

One of their writers stumbled upon Tom Boxer’s Morena Featuring Antonia during a recent trip to Israel. He enjoyed the track and quickly added it to the blog upon his return, informing Chubby Beavers’ audience of the song’s success abroad.

“Just got back from an unforgettable week in Tel Aviv, Israel, and I couldn’t have picked a better time to go. Some of my favorite parties of the week were held at Gossip, Markid, and a private villa party in Savyon. By some remix or another, I heard the following track at every party I went to; I haven’t heard it in the US yet, but who knows though, maybe it’ll catch on.”

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