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Tom Boxer’s Morena Featuring Antonia Is A Hit On The Blog 124 BMP


124 BMP is a  music blog that features the latest Electronic Dance Music News and Information as well as new dance music releases. They felt  Morena was a fit for their audience and not only did they feature a promo, Morena was also featured on their homepage.  It is evident  Antonia’s seductive vocals have made Tom Boxer’s Morena this summer’s hit dance song.  Follow the link for the original article.

Tom Boxer’s ‘Morena’ Tops International Charts

Tom Boxer’s affinity for music began during his childhood in Romania. Born Cosmin Simionic, his first encounter with music composition was at age five when he began playing the guitar. Boxer later realized that music was his true passion and relocated to the United Kingdom to follow his dreams of becoming a producer.

Although Boxer credits multiple genres as his influences, it was dance music that drove his infatuation. After becoming immersed in the UK’s dance music subculture, Boxer returned to Romania where he honed and developed his skills within his personal studio.

His first album, Zamorena, featured jazz singer Anca Parghel. The single Brasil was met with great success in Eastern Europe landing on the Romanian charts for four weeks. This success continued in Moldova, Russia, and Bulgaria where it quickly rose to the top of the charts. The single was followed by multiple remixes and a music video shot in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Boxer enjoys working with a variety of guest artists but also performs tracks himself. The positive and uplifting energy of his music is a true reflection of his upbeat personally. Boxer prides himself in engineering contagious melodies for the dance floor that will inspire others to live his philosophy, “Pure love for God, Universe, and People”.

Boxer both wrote and composed his newest single Morena featuring the beautiful Antonia Lacobescu as the vocalist. The song is a number one hit in both Bulgaria and Romania and reached the number two spot on the Polish radio charts.

“Believe is something, anything, no matter how small or big,” Boxer says, “It’s the only way you can be happy. And happiness is the true reason of life”