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5th Annual Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival 2012 Announced!

Going to be in Brooklyn November 9th & 10th? Let’s hope so! The 5th Annual Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival, or BEMF, has just been announced! The festival will take place across the Music Hall of Williamsburg, Brooklyn Bowl, Public Assembly, Grasslands, Cameo, and The Villain Loft, and will be an exciting mixture of up-and-coming EDM superstars to well-respected veterans of the industry.

Now, the creators of the BEMF want everyone to know that this isn’t just another EDM festival. The thing that sets apart BEMF from other festivals is not only the focus on non-mainstream artists, but the fact that the event features countless other Brooklyn businesses and gives attention to other mediums of artistic expression.

Katie Longmyer, one of the events coordinators, explains, “BEMF prides itself on its representation of the elusive but coveted sonic creators that are pushing the boundaries of what new music is and defining what seeps into the mainstream. Brooklyn is emerging as a center point of the international dance music community and we are excited to highlight the unique Brooklyn style and showcase how it is becoming a home of creativity in our favorite community of artists.”

Make sure to check out the incredible lineup here and stop by for the classic genre-bending experience of BEMF.

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