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People Are Attending Music Festivals More Than Ever, According To New Study

According to a new study, people are attending music festivals more than ever before, and the business is growing at a rapid pace to accommodate. YourEDM has shared the full report here.

The study by Festicket, Europe’s leading music festival travel platform, reviewed data regarding the large-scale events and people who attend them. Over one million subscribers were surveyed to reveal trends within the growing music festival industry.

Festicket co-founder and CEO Zack Sabban shared:

“After five years of working with festivals worldwide, and gathering data insights from the front-line, it’s amazing to see how the market keeps growing and changing over time. More people are going to festivals than ever before, and they’re travelling further to find the experience they’re looking for. At the same time, festivals themselves are diversifying and expanding, creating more choice for fans.”

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