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Tom Boxer – Morena Remixes

In recent months, dance music from Romania has been topping the music charts all over the world. Tom Boxer’s hit Morena dominated iTunes and was a #1 hit in Romania, Poland, and Israel, following in Stereo Loves footsteps.

Tom Boxer both wrote and composed Morena which features the beautiful vocalist Antonia Lacobescu. Boxer prides himself in engineering contagious melodies for the dance floor that will inspire others to live his philosophy – pure love for God, the universe, and people.

Now with Morena Remixes, Radikal Records debuts a collection of never released remixes from Kash Trivedi, Sean Garnier, Mute Box & PhunkBomb, Funky Junction and Claudio Viti, and The Perez Brothers.

Israeli production duo The Perez Brothers deliver an electro-house, club anthem while UK Bootleg Producer Sean Garnier’s rendition of Morena is both dark and seductive as he selects a deep/ progressive house approach.

Kash Trivedi’s unique sound and experimental style has been known to bring crowds to any dance floor. His remix of Morena contains contagious progressive rhythms that seamlessly blend with his electronic break-beat and Hindi influences.

These remixes breathe new life into the original and are not to be missed!

All MP3s available below are encoded at 320 kbps for highest sound quality.

01. The Perez Brothers Remix
Download MP3 ($1.99)

02. Kash Trivedi Remix
Download MP3 ($1.99)

03. Sean Garnier Remix
Download MP3 ($1.99)

04. Mute Box & Phunk Bomb Remix
Download MP3 ($1.99)

05. Funky Junction & Claudio Viti Remix
Download MP3 ($1.99)

Download All Mixes In One Zip File ($8.99)

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