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Your Daily Jay Reviews Friskoo’s Fun Redux Of Woo Hoo

Your Daily Jay always reviewed Friskoo’s “fun” and “infectious” new single Woo Hoo. While the single has received commercial success previously, Your Daily Jay claims the rendition mixed by Friskoo is the perfect party starter.

“My friends over at Radikal Records have sent me another single to review for mine and yours’ listening pleasure. First off, yes, I guarantee that unless you have literally been living under a rock, (like in the Geico commercials) you will instantly recognize the original song that is sampled for this awesome dance banger. Here’s a little background on Friskoo and “Woo Hoo”:

Once again Friskoo is about to dominate the international dance charts with his Dance-A-Billy style smash Woo Hoo. Originally performed by Rock-A-Teens in 1959, the song received recent commercial success after it was featured on the Kill Bill Volume 1 soundtrack. Quentin Tarantino included a version performed by the Japanese female band The However, it is probably most recognizable from its use in several ad campaigns including Vonage, Chevrolet, and Toyota.

Friskoo breathes new life into the original track transforming it with his fun and quirky remixes where he takes aspects of classic Rock-A-Billy and fuses them with house music’s contagious vocals and pulsating beats, creating what can only be described as Dance-A-Billy. This package also includes remixes from Pacha Group DJ, Tony Postigo, and Jive Tech.

I definitely have to agree with the adjectives, “fun” and “quirky” when listening to this track, this is one of those songs that’ll have everyone out on the floor clapping their hands and happily singing along to the infectious, repeated “Woo Hoos” in the song, while still shaking it to the insanely danceable beat that Friskoo supplies us, “dance-a-billy” for damn sure. The official remixes are also extremely dope and each of them have their own twist on the track. My favorites are definitely the “Tony Postigo Extended Remix,” which has an insanely sexy beat and the “Skreatch Remix.” I highly reccomend this song for your next party, turn it up and watch the people go nuts.”