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Get Up And Dance By Phil Wilde Receives A Rave Review In Your Daily Jay

Your Daily Jay shares the latest and greatest originals, remixes and everything in between from the biggest names in the industry to the up and comers. This blog considers dance music a culture and lifestyle. They were instantly captivated with the new single Get Up And Dance by Phil Wilde and gave the release a fantastic, in-depth review. To Continue Reading The Article Visit :



















“Every time I get an e-mail from Cristina at Radikal Records I know I’m in for a treat. Having previously showed me, and consequently you guys, “Radikal” artists such as Tom Boxer and Bombs Away, I was extremely excited to get another e-mail about one of their artists a few days back. This e-mail had me the most pumped out of any I’ve received for a couple reasons, one being that I am being asked to write a review of Phil Wilde’s latest single “Get Up And Dance,” and two being that the song is absolutely awesome. Before I get into the song itself, here is some background on producer Phil Wilde, and I must say, I am stoked to be asked to review a song of a producer of this caliber:

Phil Wilde is a name best known for the feel good club tracks that garnered his success in the 90s. His work with 2 Unlimited, resulting in 16 million albums sold, made him one of the most successful producers of our time. Driven by his passion for songwriting and production, Wilde has returned to the studio releasing his newest single “Get Up and Dance.” This playful house anthem is not only a fit for the clubs; its uplifting melody makes it the perfect soundtrack for summer.

In the late 80?s, Filip de Wilde was an accomplished DJ in his native Belgium, when he decided to pursue his love for music production. Most
notably, Wilde began producing international hits for 2 Unlimited in the 90?s. The single Get Ready For This went on to become the NBA Anthem. 2 Unlimited’s second album, No Limit, became a number 1 hit in more than 40 countries. Wilde’s creativity continued to flourish through additional production collaborations.

First off, how can you not love the photo for the single, which features three insanely gorgeous women, bonus points right off the bat. On to the song itself. Upon first listening to it, I couldn’t help but think of Axwell’s “Nothing But Love 4 U,” just a little bit, but in the best way possible. With the repeated, uplifting and positive message of “just get up and dance,” how could one not love this song straight from the get go. The beautiful female vocals, paired with with the care-free message in the lyrics take the song to anthem status during the hook. The lyrics are only matched in joy by the incredible and driving beat, there’s some absolutely awesome piano going on in this track and I dare you to try stay off the dancefloor with this on full blast. I recommend, as with all songs, to get the extended mix, there’s no such thing as too much of a good thing!

As more of a cherry on top than anything, the video for this song, while mostly unrelated to the message of the song (but really, who doesn’t want to get up and dance after seeing three women as gorgeous as them), is awesome. Don’t get me wrong, there is some dancing, but mostly it focuses on the models and them doing photoshoots (some for the single being reviewed I assumed) and mingling as well. Good stuff.”