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Not Cool Enough for LA - Mugshot - Both Square

Maddox Jones & RIP Youth Are “Not Cool Enough for LA”

(October 6, 2023 // Los Angeles, CA)

Two men caused a major disturbance in Hollywood last night when trying to gain access to a private pool party at Los Angeles’ trendy Vanderplump Hotel.

The two party crashers –  Australian RIP Youth and Maddox Jones, a Brit, were arrested and charged for being “Not Cool Enough For LA” by the Los Angeles DOC and are awaiting their arraignment in a Court of Public Shaming.

Outraged party promoter Flavio BonMot commented, “Don’t these people know their place?! They should stay where they belong. Thank heaven for the swift action by the LA Department of Coolness who jumped into action and saved the Party. Unfortunately many of the Beautiful People in attendance were shocked and traumatized by this encounter before the DOC could put an end to this horror!”

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Radikal Records label-mates Maddox Jones and RIP Youth have teamed up to deliver, “Not Cool Enough for LA” an anthem about being yourself unapologetically. Trading-off on vocals over chill tropical house inspired pop productions, the two artists tackle the feelings of not fitting in and needing to stay true to yourself.

“Me and RIP Youth hooked up for a writing session over FaceTime. He currently lives out in LA and I live in Northampton, UK. Having both moved house recently, we were talking about how it’s easy to feel like you don’t fit in, like you’re not “cool” enough. I think everyone feels like that sometimes. This song is about being yourself unapologetically and embracing being a misfit.” – Maddox Jones

Both artists are riding momentum from their recent collabs. Maddox Jones has been busy co-writing with hit singer-songwriters Billy Lockett and Janet Devlin, along with supporting his latest collab single, “Chasing Moments” with Great Adamz.

RIP Youth partnered with Peloton for an exclusive remix of his single “It’s A Vibe” from top DJ/Producer R3HAB in support of Pride Month. The remix was premiered during Peloton Instructor Cody Rigsby and Peloton’s DJ John Michael’s ‘Pride Live DJ Ride’ at Peloton New York Studios.

“Not Cool Enough for LA” had a radio premiere on BBC’s Three Counties & Northants with Kerrie Cosh, along with a feature on Record of the Day to support its release. The song shows off a new side to both artists’ songwriting talents, whether LA is ready or not.

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