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DanceHits Supermix Giveaway On The Remix Top 30


If you missed it last week, Radikal’s own Giuseppe D. was live in the mix on the Remix Top 30 Countdown and he brought a long a whole bunch of copies of our latest compilation DanceHits Supermix to give away including featurings by Ayah Marar, Melanie C, Matt Cardle, The Bello Boys, DJs From Mars, Tune In Crew, Kat DeLuna, Andreas Moe, and many more! Stream snippets of the show below and pre-order your copy of DanceHits Supermix today on iTunes!

DJs From Mars Hit #95 On DJ Mag's Top 100 Charts For 2013

djs from mars top 100

Those crazy martians are at it again! DJ Mag put DJs From Mars at #95 on their top 100 charts for 2013. DJs from Mars thanked all humans with a special thank you video, which you can check out below. The world is now ready to be taken over by viagra shop martians.

DJs From Mars Invaded The Jersey Shore

djs from mars - belmar

Last weekend, DJs From Mars visited the earthlings in New Jersey to rock Belmar’s famous D’jais. Best know the Martians were showing us humans those “Phat Ass Drops.” Speaking of “Phat Ass Drop,” the came in at #35 on the Top 40 crossover charts for the DJ Times Magazine.
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Radikal Videos Hit The Front Page Of

Not one, but three of our artists are currently have their video clips on the front page of music video hub, Ayah Marar, Bombs Away, and Djs From Mars all made the cut with the videos for “Alive,” “Party Bass,” and “Phat Ass Drop” being featured. Check them out! You can also watch them below.

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DJs From Mars Mashup Bastille And The Verve

djs from mars - trap and bass

Djs from Mars recently posted up a new mashup called “Bittersweet Pompeii,” which features Bastille’s “Pompeii” and The Verve’s “Bittersweet Symphony.” What seems like a strange pairing actually go together quite well. The vocals on “Pompeii” flow over the strings of “Bittersweet Symphony” before breaking into an all out trap and bass track. The martians also included lyrics in the clip too, in case you wanted to sing along.

Djs From Mars single, “Phat Ass Drop” is now out on radikal for stream/download.

 Phat Ass Dropviagra online no prescription

DJs From Mars And The Wideboys Climb The ZipDJ Charts!


We are stoked to see that DJs From Mars And The Wideboys are killing it on the ZipDJ charts this month. DJs From Mars’ “Phat Ass Drop” comes in at a chart topping #3 on the ZipDJ club charts, and #9 on their mainstream dance charts. The Wideboys also saw some movement with their single “The Word,” placing them at #29 on the ZipdJ club charts. Congrats, guys!

You can also stream/purchase both singles right here on our website. Click on the artwork below.

 Phat Ass Drop
Wideboys The Word Packshot No Logo

DJs From Mars At Winter Music Conference

DJs From Mars

Miami Winter Conference is just a couple of days away, and DJs From Mars will make their way back down to Earth to mix at the famous terrace of the Clevelander on March 23rd at the Syncopate Party! If you’re in the area make sure you go check them out! And listen to DJs From Mars new record Phat Ass Drop!!

DJs From Mars “Phat Ass Drop” Enters Fusion Radio’s Playlist

Fusion Radio

The new single by DJs From Mars Phat Ass Drop just made its way into Fusion Radio’s playlist, and we need your help to get it into their Top 20! Click here to find their request page, and let Fusion Radio know you want to hear DJs From Mars’ Phat Ass Drop!!

And if you haven’t seen their video yet, do so, you might come out of it an EDM producer yourself!

“Phat Ass Drop” From DJs From Mars Is Featured On Dance Show Off

 Phat Ass Drop

Our friends at Dance Show Off were kind enough to feature the new video by DJs From Mars Phat Ass Drop on their website. Click here for the link and special shout out to Justin and his team.

Producers if you want to learn how to produce a club track, just press play! You’ll thank us later!

Phat Ass Drop featured on

Do you want to be an EDM producer? Sure, everybody does… the problem is that most people don’t know where to start. However, we have DJs From Mars to help us out…

DJs From Mars’ tongue-in-cheek ‘How To Make A Club Track’ Phat Ass Drop music video was featured on, you can check out the link here and the video below! Thanks Elektro Daily!