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Joonbug Sits Down With DJ Prime

dj prime joonbug

DJ Prime took some time out of his busy schedule to talk with Joonbug this week. In this online order prescription viagra interview, Prime talks about his new single “Big Room Bass,” working with Bomb Squad and Radikal Records, Wrestlemania, and more. You can check out the full interview over at Joonbug here.
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Listen To An Exclusive Mix From Bombs Away

bombs away 2013

Bombs Away released a us viagra killer new mixtape in collaboration with The EDM Network. The mix features some new Bombs Away tracks and remixes, as well as tracks from Bombs Away affiliates like: Kronic, DJ Prime, Seany B, and more. Check out the mix below.

Get Lifted Tonight Interviews Bombs Away

bombs away get lifted tonight

Get Lifted Tonight posted up a dope new interview/feature with Bombs Away. While in NYC, Get Lifted Tonight sat down with the Aussie boys to talk about their recent North American tour, the rise of the Melbourne music scene, Kangaroos, and more. Bombs Away also spoke about their upcoming single, “Better Luck Next Time” and how to properly eat Vegemite (if you were curious). Check out the full interview here.
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Fresh New Tracks Interviews Bombs Away


While in Atlantic City, Bombs Away took some time out while on their North America tour to talk with Fresh New Tracks. FNT dug up some dirt on the boy’s inspiration, being icons in Australia, collaborations, Miley Cyrus, and more. In addition to that, Bombs Away shared a new track called “Assassinate,” which you can hear below. Check out the full interview over at Fresh New Tracks here.
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Bombs Away Featured on Do Android Dance's "Five Tracks"


Do Androids Dance‘s weekly segment “Five Tracks” featured none other than the Aussie boys themselves Bombs Away for this week. For “Five Tracks,” Bombs Away chose some fresh tracks from the likes of; Keys N Krates, Komes, Krewella, Reese Low & Lefty, and Nom De Strip. You can check out the full feature over at Do Androids Dance, here.

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Joonbug Hangs Out With Bombs Away


If you were in Atlantic City last week, you probably heard or saw Bombs Away start a party in the pool at Harrah’s. If not, well, Joonbug has you covered with their cover story and interview for Bombs Away. The interview touches on some subjects like Miley Cyrus, guilty pleasures, the 52 states (yes, 52), and more. You can check out the full interview here, and a small preview of the interview below.

What are you guys listening to these days?

SKETCH: Miley Cyrus! [Laughs] No, not really. I’ve been listening to Savant, heaps. He’s not actually a savant, but he’s really, really cool! He’s just so…

TOMMY: Complex! He’s so melodic, just everything about him is brilliant.

S: He gets a bit of a Skrillex comparison because of the vocal cuts, but he’s just like, really, really complex. There are a lot of like, melodies within his structure that are just amazing.

T: Especially for electronic music, like, you usually get it a lot simpler, but he’s good.

S: Some of them have like, entire orchestral productions! A favorite one is Fat Cat Shuffle.

T: I think that’s off his first album.

S: Yeah…yeah! It’s an older one, but still so great.

T: So great.

S: So, yeah…I’d say Savant. And Australian-wise, we do a lot of work with him; his name’s Kones. He just did the preview mix for um…Robin Thicke? The Blurred Lines one? It was just a bootleg, but it’s gone crazy. I think it got like, 20 million views or something in a couple of weeks, so yeah, he’s really cool. He’s one of my good mates, but all of his stuff is so bumpy, like…super, super fun, so he’s good. He keeps with new stuff. Like, he just released this new track, This Is How Fkn Babies Are Made, um…and we just add it to our set, we just can’t get enough of it. So, it’s cool.

What is – in addition to Miley Cyrus, of course – are your guilty pleasures?

T: I like dark chocolate.

S: He does like dark chocolate.


S: But like, so do many other people.

T: I like it SO. MUCH.

S: Musically, mine is 80s hair metal. I just…cannot, CANNOT get enough. Man! We’re actually halfway through a cover of Final Countdown. Big, big trumpet solos, it’s gonna be great. We’ve been working on it for like, two years, because you…you can’t release a song like that unless you nail it. But, I love it. 80′s hair metal is just like, the best! That, and like, epic power ballads. Yeah, just…ALL the time. If people would listen to it, we’d produce something like that.

T: We’re probably not talented enough.

S: We would try.

T: Yeah.

S: Me, I love it…just heaps. I wanna try to get someone like David Bowie or someone on a track one day. We’re gonna get, like, our people to hit up his people and try and do a comeback tour, like an um…like an EDM track with one of the big guys.

T: …That’s a great idea!

S: It IS a great idea! I just came up with that like…right now, so you’ve got the scoop!

Read the full interview at Joonbug here.

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Bombs Away Featured On Mixcloud's "Celebration Of Curation 2013"


Internet radio hub, Mixcloud has done a roundup of their top artists (or cloudcasters, as they like to call them) of 2013 and Bombs Away was chosen as one of their Australian curators. Bombs Away put together a special mix just for Mixcloud, which can be heard below. You can also find the full list of curators on Mixcloud here.

Celebration of Curation 2013 #Australia: Bombs Away by Bombs Away on Mixcloud

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Bombs Away Are Ready To Party In North America

bombs away tour poster

Bombs Away recently announced their Drunk Arcade North American Tour. Be prepared to get sloppy with the Aussie boys as they travel through the US and Canada for 8 tour dates. Bombs Away kick off their tour in San Diego on the 24th of September before making their way to the east coast for a few dates. Fill up those super soakers with some alcohol and catch Bombs Away in your town. Find the full list of dates below.


Tue |24-Sep – Thrusters Nightclub -San Diego, CA

Wed |25-Sep – Harrah’s Pool Party – Atlantic City, NJ

Sat |28-Sep – Shepherd’s Beach – Clearwater, FL

Wed |02-Oct – Rumor Nightclub – Boston, MA

Thu |03-Oct – Tequila Nightclub -Saskatoon, Canada

Fri |04-Oct – SET Nightclub -Edmonton, Canada

Sat |05-Oct – Shark Club -Grand Prairie, Canada

Sun |06-Oct – The Roadhouse -Calgary, Canada

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Bombs Away's "Party Bass" Video Reaches #1 On Pulse TV's Dance Charts

Bombs Away_Party Bass_Numba1_Dance

Pulse TV Network recently released their charts for the past week and Bombs Away pulled away with the #1 dance channel spot for their “Party Bass” video! Pulse is a 24 hour, commercial-free music video channel broadcasted to 3 million people each month. Check out the video for “Party Bass” below.

“Party Bass” and all it’s remixes are also available to listen/purchase now. Click on the artwork below.

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Radikal Videos Hit The Front Page Of

Not one, but three of our artists are currently have their video clips on the front page of music video hub, Ayah Marar, Bombs Away, and Djs From Mars all made the cut with the videos for “Alive,” “Party Bass,” and “Phat Ass Drop” being featured. Check them out! You can also watch them below.

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