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Radikal Records Presents: DanceHits Summer Mix

Soak Up the Last Days of Summer With Radikal Record’s ‘DanceHits Summer Mix’

Every year summer never seems to last long enough, and summer 2015 is proving to be no different. Just as quickly as we hit the beaches, bonfires and good times, it seems like it’s already time to head back to work and school…

Here at Radikal Records we’re trying to hold on to summer for as long as we can with Radikal Records Presents: DanceHits Summer Mix. Mixed by the Radikal Krew, the Summer Mix is a continuous dance mix of the hottest dance jams, and the perfect soundtrack for relishing summer’s last days.

Hey, if President Barack Obama can release, “The President’s Summer Playlist” Vol. 1 & 2 just last week, it must not be too late for a great summer mix!

At just under 1 hour and 20 minutes of music, DanceHits Summer Mix highlights the latest releases from Radikal’s diverse roster, along with featuring a few unreleased remixes and sneak-peeks at upcoming Radikal Records releases.

Track Listing (* = Unreleased)

  1. Alex Hart – “Orange Van” (JKGD Remix)*
  2. Matt Cardle – “When You Were My Girl” (JKGD Remix)*
  3. Kingsland Road – “Dirty Dancer” (Giuseppe D. Remix)
  4. FAIRCHILD – “Stay Young” (JKGD Remix)*
  5. DJ Jellyfish – “Boom Boom Jellyfish”
  6. Salt Ashes – “If You Let Me Go” (Tonekind Remix)
  7. MDNGHT – “Breeze” (North 2 South Remix)
  8. DASCO feat. Justina Maria – “What I Need (Right Here, Right Now)”
  9. Kristian Nairn feat. Leanne Robinson – “Up”
  10. Bombs Away – “Better Luck Next Time” (Melbourne Goes Deep Remix)
  11. Tony Moran feat. Martha Wash – “Free People” (Giuseppe D. Remix)
  12. Bimbo Jones feat. Beverley Knight – “I Found Out” (Giuseppe D. Remix)
  13. The Bello Boys feat. Kat DeLuna – “Last Call” (Cova & MoRada Remix)
  14. Lucas Nord feat. Tove Lo – “Run On Love”*
  15. Noise Patrol feat. Carl Carr – “All Night Long” (Giulia Regain Remix)*
  16. K-Pax & Taylor – “I Have a Dream”
  17. Jane Vanderbilt feat. MJ – “Welcome to My Party (Pop a Moet)” (Sergio Matina & Gabry Sangineto TendenziA Remix)
  18. Lee Dagger feat. Inaya Day – “Shelter Me” (WAWA Remix)
  19. Nancy Black – “Dance” (Soulshaker Remix)*

Radikal Records Presents: DanceHits Summer Mix is available for download on iTunes and Bandcamp. The mix is also available for streaming on Spotify, YouTube and SoundCloud.

Give it a spin, and help keep summer 2015 alive!