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Salt Ashes - Too Many Times - Music Video

Salt Ashes Releases Self-Directed Music Video for New Single “Too Many Times”

Hotly tipped UK-based alt-pop/electronic artist Salt Ashes has released her highly-anticipated and eagerly-awaited new video for her single Too Many Times; the latest product of her mission to bring a refreshing and dark edge to the world of dance music.

Featuring gorgeous, self-styled choreography with her signature sinister edge, the video tackles a childhood belief that she harbored as a young girl that grew into adult struggles with mental health.

“The instrumentation of ‘Too Many Times’ reminded me of one of those musical jewelry boxes with a spinning ballerina inside, which is what inspired the doll idea for me,” Salt Ashes (real name: Veiga Sanchez) explains about the percolating pop of the instantly-captivating single. “When I was little, I used to imagine those ballerinas had real people stuck inside of them, which got me thinking that that’s what I feel when I’m suffering from intense anxiety… like I’m trapped inside my own head and can’t get out. The reality is that it’s only me that’s trapping myself!”

Watch the video below:

Segueing that adolescent fantasy to adulthood and the psychological trappings that come with growing up, Salt Ashes adapted that idea and transposed it into her Twilight Zone-esque video.

This was one of those videos that I really put guts, blood and tears in. Considering the song is about my anxiety and the moments when I sometimes feel pretty rubbish about myself, I thought this would be a great moment to prove (to myself) that I’m not rubbish and I can achieve great things when I just push and don’t give up. So I ended up writing, directing, producing, choreographing and styling the video plus making the doll wig… There were a few tears along the way, but I did it and I’m really proud.”
– Salt Ashes

“Too Many Times” was co-written and produced by Louis Souyave who worked with Salt Ashes on her previous single “Cut You With A Kiss” and counting crosses EP.  The track kicks off a new era for the artist and is the first taste of her highly anticipated sophomore album out later this year.

Release date and more information to be announced later this year, along with additional singles. Be sure to follow Salt Ashes on social media for more info.


STYLING :  Salt Ashes
DOLL CLOTHES & BOOTS : by Lula Laora
HAIR :  Salt Ashes & Sophie Gia Moore
MAKEUP :  Sophie Gia Moore
ASSISTANT :  Adam Parker
DANCERS :   Maëlle Le Pallec & Salomé Champagne
CHOREOGRAPHERS :   Salt Ashes & Dancers

Salt Ashes - Too Many Times - Cover Art

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