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Rozell x Nico Stadi - For You - Cover Art

Rozell Returns with the New Collab Single “For You” with Nico Stadi

Up and coming DJ/Producer Rozell returns with the new single, “For You”. The track was co-written and features vocals from legendary songwriter Nico Stadi, who has written hits for massive artists such as Dua Lipa, Justin Bieber, Jason Derulo, Kylie among others.

Rozell has been promising new music since his successful UK arena tour where he opened for The Wanted in March of 2022, and “For You” is a gift to all of his new fans. The crowd was at the edge of their seats in all 12 arenas during Rozell’s set where he debuted the new single, and now “For You” is finally available for streaming.

“Life is full of highs and lows. I wrote this song with Nico Stadi last year when I was down on my knees. I found myself struggling & struggling only because of the decisions I had made. I had forgot how important it is to appreciate all the good things and people we have in our lives. I was selfish.

Today, on the June 20th. I look back on the memories we’ve made on the road and Im happy that we have captured those feelings. Because I know how many people can relate to this song. I’m truly honoured to have so many beautiful people and fans in my life. Let’s share the song and let’s support each and every single one of us. Together we are stronger! ” –  Rozell
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“For You” follows up Rozell’s hit “No One Knows My Face” with Sebastian Peréz and Sir Jeremy Green. The single entered to the charts in November 2021 and reached Top 5 on the UK Club Commercial Charts and Upfront Charts by December 2021. “No One Knows My Face” was supported with remixes by Anton Powers, Stonebridge, Beyond Chicago, Rare Candy and Anatta and has amassed over 1 Million streams on Spotify.

The LA-based DJ is known for his energetic live presence, often joining in with his vocalists and dancers on stage during his sets, joyously showing off his slick moves with complicated choreography. Rozell treats performing as his time to “work off the pressures of modern day life”, and loves to uplift the crowd with his EDM-infused productions. He spins, he dances, he performs – and any crowd can see he feels the music and the music moves through him with each live-set.

Rozell is a serious young man that feels the pressure of his generation. He chooses to work that off on the dance floor and his productions are made to lift up the crowd while acknowledging what it feels like to be young and alive at such an amazing time in our history. Rozell says, “Life is extraordinary and it’s everyone’s duty to dream big and move forward. Only then you will express yourself and live fully.” He shouts out to the music of Marvin Gaye and Netsky. This Gemini also cites the catalog of Avicii and says, “He was incredible. His melodies are timeless.”

Rozell is currently writing new music and hopes to finish an album by the end of 2022. He can not wait to get back on tour and entertain music fans around the globe.

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