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hhhhappy Features Salt Ashes’ Newest Single “Go All Out”

Australia-based arts and culture site hhhhappy recently featured Salt Ashes’ latest single, “Go All Out” Read their thoughts on what makes Salt Ashes’ track a must-listen

hhhhappy recently featured “Go All Out”, the brand new single from Radikal Records artist Salt Ashes.  Her most introspective single to date, “Go All Out” is Salt Ashes’ latest release, and introduces a new fusion between her dark synth pop sound and a heavier dance pop influence.  It is her first single release since her critically-acclaimed track “Girls”, which was released via Radikal in May 2018.

Writer Lara Smetannikov remarked on the journey that “Go All Out” takes the listener through, both musically and lyrically:

The track opens with mysterious, subdued vocals before Sanchez explodes into the first verse, backed by a driving electronic beat.

She sings about letting go of insecurities and embracing her passion with fervour, all beneath a tense electronic, percussive soundscape that you can’t help but sway to.

Salt Ashes’ feature on the Australian cultural website can be read here.

“Go All Out” is now available on these digital music platforms:

Spotify | Amazon | iTunes/Apple Music | Google Play | Beatport

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