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Boom Boom Jellyfish Tour Postponed Due to Mexican/American Border Dispute

The much anticipated DJ Jellyfish Dance Tour has been put on hold because of the current “Illegal Mexicans” debate ruling all US News outlets.

The seafaring DJ, who usually travels via the world’s oceans, spent last  month living in the Pacific off the coast of Mexico.  When he washed up on the shores of Tijuana to begin his US tour, he accidentally entered on the Mexican side of the wall.

Although his fans were looking forward to see him perform his latest hit, “Boom Boom Jellyfish”, a new dance song quickly becoming an Internet phenomenon, Radikal Records who signed DJ Jellyfish and management are concerned that the planned Boom Boom Jellyfish concert tour could now be shadowed by overzealous politicians.   DJ Jellyfish comments: “It’s not fair to my fans.  When you dance it’s just one world!  Fat or skinny, round or tall, Mexican or American, everyone loves to shake their boom boom!”

Watch the official dance video below:

“Boom Boom Jellyfish” is available for purchase on iTunes and it is available for streaming on Spotify, SoundCloud, and Bandcamp. Stay connected with DJ Jellyfish by following him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr.