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DJ Jellyfish - Boom Boom Jellyfish

Welcome DJ Jellyfish & “Boom Boom Jellyfish” to Radikal Records

From the shores of Ibiza, give a warm welcome to DJ Jellyfish! His debut summer song, “Boom Boom Jellyfish” is an irresistible groovy dance anthem set for release on Radikal Records, and introduces the world to the dance phenomenon, “The Jellyfish Dance.”

DJ Jellyfish caught the attention of Radikal Records when the dance video for “Boom Boom Jellyfish” surfaced on YouTube. The simplistic, yet classic video gives off its own unique flair, going back to the basics of true dance music. The video demonstrates “The Jellyfish Dance,” a fun and simple dance that is reminiscent of past summer dance crazes such as “Macarena”, “Cha Cha Slide” and “Gangman Style”. As DJ Jellyfish puts it: “When you dance, it’s just one world! Fat or skinny, round or tall, everyone loves to shake their boom-boom.” Radikal Records is very eager to see what’s in store for DJ Jellyfish and his new summer jam!

“Boom Boom Jellyfish” is available for purchase on iTunes and it is available for streaming on Spotify, SoundCloud, and Bandcamp. Stay connected with DJ Jellyfish by following his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr!

Learn the official “Jellyfish Dance” by watching the official dance video on YouTube, and join the dance craze by filming your own version of the dance!