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Radikal Joins A2iM on Global Trade Missions

We are proud to announce that Radikal was able to participate on the A2iM led global trade missions. For the first time, the American government funded a trips around Asia and Brazil to help further the exportation of US music. $300,000 was granted to A2iM, and dozens of labels were chosen to participate in these trade missions. Radikal Records and other EDM labels such as Ultra were fortunate enough to be able to travel across the world, and communicate with very optimistic local distributors, mobile-phone carriers, booking agents and ad agencies.

Labels who participated are already seeing licensing and distrubtion deals from visiting parts of Asia and Latin America, which could generate hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. Rich Bengloff says these deals can “represent as much as a quarter of a small independent label’s revenue.” According to a Bloomberg TV report, A2iM estimates these projects will generate $45M a year. You can watch the Bloomberg TV report here.

With EDM becoming a dominating force in the music industry, it’s pleasing to see efforts made to further expand the awareness and exportation of American music all over the world.

You can read the full story about the A2IM trade missions here.

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