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DJs From Mars “Phat Ass Drop” Featured on Sick Music!

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Big up to for featuring the latest DJs from Mars music video “Phat Ass Drop” !!

…And as their motto goes “everything you need!” So go check out the post here and download DJs From Mars’ latest single off iTunes, Beatport, and right here on our website !!!

DJs From Mars “Phat Ass Drop (How To Produce A Club Track Today)” Out NOW!

The time has finally come, humans! Stellar intergalactic Radikal artists DJs From Mars have OFFICIALLY released their newest single, “Phat Ass Drop (How To Produce A Club Track Today!)” This rhythmic banger is sure not not only get your head bobbing, but your party started with its sick drops, hypnotic vocals and pulsing rhythms! Check out the track’s video below, which features a step-by-step lesson on exactly how to become a successful club DJ that will give you a leg up on the competition! Check it out on iTunes & BeatPort and get moving!

DJs From Mars Featured On Brolic Beats!

We warned you all that the alien invasion was on its way, and it seems that there’s no end in sight! EDM site Brolic Beats has featured their latest hit, “Phat Ass Drop (How To Produce A Club Track Today!)” You can check it out here!