• 2015 Summer Jams Playlist - Radikal Records

    2015 Summer Jams Playlist

    When the warm summer months arrive, we all look for ways to cool off and relax. These new summer jams will kick off your summer the right way! The playlist includes tracks from artists like Dasco, Manchester’s very own dance collective MDNGHT, and the underground club track “Raided” by Salt Ashes. Check out[…]

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  • salt ashes undscvrd

    The Undscvrd Reviews Salt Ashes Sold Out Performance

    The dark disco queen, Salt Ashes, has been featured on The Undscvrd for her new single,”Raided” and for her recent live performance at Sebright Arms. Following the success of her second single “If You Let Me Go” (which currently sits at #6 on the Billboard Dance Chart), she released “Raided” – a darker[…]

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  • dannic


    Dannic “slash” DJ, producer and mash-up maestro from Breda in the Netherlands – the hometown of Tiësto, Funkerman & Hardwell (something in the water, perhaps?) This talented fellow won fans early in his career thanks to a series of amazing mash-ups. Bootlegs like Axwell vs. Julie McKnight – How Soon[…]

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  • Mumford & Sons To Go…Electronic?

    Don’t even pretend that you’re not at least curious as to how this will turn out. 12-time Grammy nominees’ frontman, Marcus Mumford, recently told Style Magazine that they will explore the electronic side of music on their next album, while still doing “whatever feels soulful.” While going electronic would mark[…]

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  • Diplo’s Insane NYC Show Rider Revealed

    Throughout the years, people have heard story after story about absurd artists demands. From Axl Rose wanting a “square melon” in his dressing room to Eminem’s “need” for a Koi pond, not much shocks the general public anymore. Superstar DJ Diplo shattered any sense of security people had about the[…]

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