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This Daft Punk ‘Tron’ vs ‘Star Trek’ Mashup Is Incredible

Looking for a sci-fi double header of Daft Punk proportions? Look no further! Check out this amazing mash-up that soundtracks 22 minutes of hyper-compressed action footage from Star Trek: The Motion Picture to Daft Punk’s incredible electronic-orchestral score for Tron: Legacy.

Star Trek: Legacy was put together by sci-fi fan by the name of Patrick Collins. Collins has masterfully edited the 1979 Star Trek  film down to its most psychedelic and blown-out moments, all set perfectly to Daft Punk’s 2010 soundtrack. You get the best of both worlds: Star Trek‘s trippy ’70s aesthetic and Tron‘s magnificent score, all without having to endure the tedium of both films’ weaker moments. And let’s face it: ’70s sci-fi chic is what we imagine anyway when listening to Daft Punk. Check it out below.

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