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Tony Moran & Jason Walker - Remixes Vol 2 - Cover Art

Tony Moran & Jason Walker Release ‘Perfect Bitch (Remixes Vol 2)’ as They Climb Billboard’s Dance Charts

oducer/singer duo Tony Moran & Jason Walker release new remix package for “Perfect Bitch” as they look for their 4th consecutive Billboard Dance #1 single.

Grammy nominated producer, Tony Moran has teamed up with 5-time Billboard Dance #1 singer Jason Walker for their new single, “Perfect Bitch”. The producer/singer duo have topped the Billboard Dance charts 3 times in a row with their collaborative singles, and with “Perfect Bitch” currently at #5 on the Billboard Dance Club chart and #36 on the Billboard Hot Dance/Electronic chart they have another hit records on their hands.

In support of the new single comes, ‘Perfect Bitch (Remixes Vol 2)’. Picking up where the first remix package left off, Volume 2 features new mixes from 11 of dance music’s hottest producers hand-picked by Moran and Walker.

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‘Perfect Bitch (Remixes Vol 2)’ includes new mixes from Cristian PoowMauro Mozart, JKGDMetroMixLeo Frappier, KC AndersonDJ Strobe, Dirty DiscoEsteban Lopez & Binomio, Tyler Nelson and C-Rod.

Tony Moran (Left) & Jason Walker (Right)

“Perfect Bitch” follows up Moran and Walker’s 2018 collab and Billboard Dance Club #1 “I’m in Love With You”. In an interview with Billboard’s Patrick Crowley, Walker explained what’s it like working with Moran and what brings the two of them back together so often.

I feel so blessed. There isn’t a word to describe how it feels when you’re working with Tony — I mean, he’s a legend. Even to this day, every time we are in the studio together, I still pinch myself because there’s a part of me that doesn’t believe its real. We work really well together. He gets me and my weird voice.

I’d been in front of so many A&R people and they all would say the same thing: “we love your voice and sound but, we just don’t know what to do with you.” Well Tony knew, and we are just getting started. The records that we’ve done have come to fruition in such an effortless way. It’s like they were meant to happen.
– Jason Walker via Billboard

Watch the music video for the original single below:

Perfect Bitch (Remixes Vol 2) track-listing:

  1. Perfect Bitch (Cristian Poow Club Mix)
  2. Perfect Bitch (Mauro Mozart Remix)
  3. Perfect Bitch (JKGD Remix)
  4. Perfect Bitch (MetroMix John Hohman Club Remix)
  5. Perfect Bitch (House of Frappier Remix)
  6. Perfect Bitch (KC Anderson VIP House Remix)
  7. Perfect Bitch (DJ Strobe Remix)
  8. Perfect Bitch (Dirty Disco Mainroom Remix)
  9. Perfect Bitch (Esteban Lopez & Binomio Remix)
  10. Perfect Bitch (Tyler Nelson Deep Vibration Remix)
  11. Perfect Bitch (C-Rod Mix)

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Also Available:

Tony Moran & Jason Walker - Perfect Bitch - Cover Art

Tony Moran & Jason Walker – Perfect Bitch


Perfect Bitch (Remixes) - Cover Art

Tony Moran & Jason Walker – Perfect Bitch (Remixes)

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