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EQ Music Blog Can’t Get Enough of Salt Ashes’ “Go All Out”

EQ Music Blog Offers In Depth Look at Salt Ashes’ “Go All Out” and Loves What They Find

EQ Music has made a name for themselves as a platform for emerging artists and those making waves in the electronic and pop genres. With that said, Salt Ashes has done more than just catch their attention. Fresh off the heels of her release of the music video for “Girls”, she has done it again with her latest single “Go All Out”.

EQ Music’s Mandy Rogers has been following her career for a number of years and feels that this is some of her best work.

You know Salt Ashes seems to get better and better with each release she makes. I really thought she had reached a new peak of fantasticness with previous single “Girls,” so far as to reveal it was my favourite Salt Ashes song of them all. Turns out the Brighton based singer was hiding another ace up her sleeve, by way of “Go All Out

Rogers goes further to investigate the motives behind her lyrics and even speculate on what drives the dark pop princess to create such captivating melodies and bold arrangements. With EQ Music Blog garnering over 500,000 worldwide visitors, there is something to be said about their adoration for Salt Ashes. “Go All Out” is set to continue to wow audiences and critics alike, with its ear catching vocals and bass driven rhythmic choruses it’s sure to impress even the most casual of listeners. This is one you most certainly do not want to miss!

The full EQ Music Blog article can be found here.

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