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Metro and Nelly Furtado’s “Sticks and Stones” Featured on Kings of Spins

“Stick and Stones” moves up on the charts and in our hearts.

Not only is “Sticks and Stones” continuing to rise on Billboard’s Top Dance Club Songs chart as it now sits at #16, but it also snagged spot #7 on Kings of Spins top rated tracks!

sticks and stones featured on kings of spins

Kings of Spins, a popular online platform, connects music fans, DJs, and more to new releases on multiple platforms, spreading the word and supporting artists. In their article, Kings of Spins describes the hit song:

“Sticks And Stones” came about when Nelly flew to London to collaborate on material for her last album. She loved their production on “Sticks And Stones”, and recorded her vocal on it then and there. While Metro’s new take on “Sticks And Stones” contrasts that of the production on The Ride- a fun, lighthearted indie pop romp tangled with crunchy synths- Metro’s production on Furtado’s song re-invigorates the song with a driving house beat and electronic synths that take “”Sticks And Stones”” back to the dance arena.

The article also touches upon the various mixes of the songs, perfect for DJs with different styles:

The release also features several other unique remixes with the same huge, sonically captivating production that Metro is known for.

Metro n Nelly Furtado – Sticks n Stones
(Chrome Tapes Ext Remix 5A – 120 Club House)
Metro n Nelly Furtado – Sticks n Stones
(F9 Extended Remix 5A – 124 Piano House)
Metro n Nelly Furtado – Sticks n Stones
(F9 Remix Edit 5A – 124 Big Room House)
Metro n Nelly Furtado – Sticks n Stones
(Mojito Remix 5A – 112 Tropical Club)
Metro n Nelly Furtado – Sticks n Stones
(Original Mix 5A – 120 Pop Dance)

Check out the different mixes of the song below:

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