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The Chainsmokers’ New Album Features Guests You Would Not Expect

Fan of The Chainsmokers? Their new album, Memories… Do Not Open, will have features from artists you would not expect. Features on the album include Florida Georgia Line, Jhene Aiko, Emily Warren, and Louane. The DJ and production duo annouced the news on their Facebook Page with the image below along with the track-listing. Check out the track-listing below and let us know if your excited for this album.

The Chainsmokers’ Memories… Do Not Open track-listing:

1. The One
2. Break Up Every Night
3. Bloodstream
4. Don’t Say (feat. Emily Warren)
5. Something Just Like This (with Coldplay)
6. My Type (feat. Emily Warren)
7. It Won’t Kill Ya (feat. Louane)
8. Paris
9. Honest
10. Wake Up Alone (feat. Jhene Aiko)
11. Young
12. Last Day Alive (feat. Florida-Georgia Line)