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Kristian Nairn To DJ Blizzard’s 25th Anniversary at BlizzCon 2016

DJ Kristian Nairn has been keeping busy since his departure from HBO‘s hit series Game of Thrones, where he portrayed the lovable Hodor. Nairn has been traveling around the world on his Rave of Thrones tour. This Friday, November 4th, Nairn will be DJing at Blizzard’s 25th Anniversary at BlizzCon 2016, which is taking place at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, CA. The event is from 8PM until 10PM. The event is open to everyone, whether you’re attending the convention or just happen to be in the neighborhood. Admission is free!

25 years ago, a small group of gamers set out to create the kinds of game experiences they loved playing—and Blizzard Entertainment was born. Since then, the team at Blizzard has transported millions of people around the world to fantastic worlds of fantasy and science fiction—including Diablo’s Sanctuary, which first invited players to descend into the terrifying labyrinth beneath the Tristram Cathedral 20 years ago in 1996! For more information visit:


In 2015, Kristian Nairn released Up / Beacon (feat. Leanne Robinson) and 4Love (feat. Salt Ashes), both of which received rave reviews worldwide! Both singles are now available for download on iTunesBeatport, and for streaming on Spotify & SoundCloud. Find a Rave of Thrones tour date near you at: