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Heat Magazine gets Rave of Throne Tips from Kristian Nairn

rave of thrones kristian nairn beacon up 4love radikal records

Heat Magazine recently interviewed Radikal Records artist Kristian Nairn about what ravers should expect at his international electronic music tour Rave of Thrones, as well as what avid Game of Thrones fans can expect on the upcoming season.

With how energetic Rave of Thrones can be, Kristan Nairn was asked how well-behaved attendees are:

HM: Are GOT fans generally well-behaved or do you have to fend them off with a stick?

KN: “The Brit fans tend to be quite respectful and mature. Without naming anyone, there have been a few places I have been to where I thought, ‘This is it, this is where I die’, but we always manage to get through.”

To read the review in its entirety, go to Heat Magazine here.

In 2015 Kristian Nairn released his first two singles on Radikal Records, Up / Beacon (feat. Leanne Robinson) and 4Love (feat. Salt Ashes). You can download his singles on iTunes and Beatport, and stream them on Spotify and SoundCloud.

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