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Kingsland Road - Exposed Vocals Review

Kingsland Road’s “Dirty Dancer” Reviewed by Exposed Vocals

Exposed Vocals have shared a track-review for Kingsland Road’s hit single “Dirty Dancer.” Reviewer, Alex Faulkner notes that as a UK boy-band comparisons to One Direction are bound to happen, but that Kingsland Road hold their own, thanks to their edgier take on the genre through their rock/indie influences:

While they are likely to be compared to the currently ubiquitous boyband of the moment One Direction, commendably Kingsland Road have a bit more edge to their music and look than the clean-cut 1D. It could be compared to how East 17 were the edgy alternative to the biggest boyband of the era , Take That, in the 90’s.

Dirty Dancer is essentially still pop, but with undertones of rock/indie and a slightly more raunchy subject matter than you’d get from One Direction. After a catchy verse, the whole group sing the chorus in unison, sung in quite a strong cockney twang which adds personality. I liked the delayed guitar on the verses and the lyrics are more ‘rock n roll’ than you’d expect from a boyband…

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“Dirty Dancer” is featured on Kingsland Road’s debut album We Are The Young, available for purchase on iTunes, Amazon, and in the Radikal Records web-store. The album is also available for streaming on Spotify and Bandcamp.