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Village Voice’s Exclusive Interview with Kristian Nairn


Village Voice recently took the time to interview Radikal Records artist Kristian Nairn about his extensive DJ career as well as his views on the EDM world.

Village Voice also addresses how the public is still adjusting to Nairn as a DJ, and not the character Hodor he played on Game of Thrones:

These days, when the Belfast-based DJ hits stages across the globe, people cheer, “Hodor!” That’s the character Nairn plays on Game of Thrones… Nairn recalls the incident with a mix of bewilderment and embarrassment. “It’s a little bit disrespectful,” he says.

Nairn is highly dedicated to DJing, explaining to Village Voice that he still actively DJ’ed while filming GoT:

He even kept up his gigs while working on Game of Thrones. “I would literally get off set, go straight to the club, DJ, go to bed for three hours, and be back on set,”

To read the rest of the interview on Village Voice, click the link here.

Kristian Nairn’s tour, Rave of Thrones, will be stopping at Irving Plaza in New York City tomorrow, Thursday August 13th at 8:00 pm.  You can purchase tickets on LiveNation here.

Nairn’s debut single “Up/Beacon (featuring Leanne Robinson)” is available now on iTunes, as well as streaming on Spotify, Beatport and Bandcamp.

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