IOU - The Soul & The Intellect

I.O.U. – The Soul & The Intellect

After three school pride anthems that went viral, and three mixtape releases in the past two years garnering attention from their Rutgers University colleagues and fellow college students across the country and beyond, opening for countless acts such as Big Sean, Far East Movement, Jake Miller and more, the boys linked up with Radikal Records to release their debut album.

“The Soul & The Intellect“ reflects the characters of both Buck and Izee, laidback Buck being the soul of the duo, and methodical Izee, producer behind the entire project, the intellect. Also featured as a vocalist on two tracks off the album is Evangelia, a Rutgers University student. When she’s not studying pre-med, you can catch her performing at the local coffee shops armed with her guitar and powerful voice.

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Download All MP3 Files ($9.99)

01 We Are The People (feat. Evangelia)   Download MP3 ($1.00)

02 Get It Together   Download MP3 ($1.00)

03 Back In Time  Download MP3 ($1.00)

04 Other Side Of Fear  Download MP3 ($1.00)

05 The Glow (feat. Evangelia)  Download MP3 ($1.00)

06 John Coltrane’s Lullaby Download MP3 ($1.00)

07 My Universe  Download MP3 ($1.00)

08 Nights Like This  Download MP3 ($1.00)

09 Aint About Love  Download MP3 ($1.00)

10 Unless We Dance  Download MP3 ($1.00)

11 Why Do You Run  Download MP3 ($1.00)

12 Greatest Time Of My Life  Download MP3 ($1.00)

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