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Rusko’s Love For Dubstep Began With…Ska?

Before Rusko was making filthy beats to blast out our eardrums, he was determined to make music that sounded similar to ska/punk bands such as Mad Caddies. Growing up in Leeds, England, Christopher Mercer was a part of an eight-piece band where he wrote out all the saxophone, trumpet, and trombone parts. As he learned more and more about ska, punk, and reggaes roots, Rusko delved more deeply into dub music, the reggae substyle that focuses mainly on instrumental mixes.

He further explains, “really, my segue into electronic music was making dub reggae at home on the computer, which was an extension of what I was already doing in a live setting, but then I realized I could literally have it exactly the way I wanted it because I’m a control freak.”

However he got his start, it certainly worked: Rusko is now nothing less than a superstar in the EDM community, being compared to the likes of Skrillex and Nero. Keep on doing your thing, Rusko!

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