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Muse Take Inspiration From Skrillex & Nero For New Album

…Aaand queue the backlash! Rock superstars Muse have taken a page out of EDM’s book and gone dubstep for their new album, and fans of both genres are torn what to think. The album, titled, “The 2nd Law,” was released yesterday, and has received mixed reviews from both EDM and Muse fans alike.

Lead singer Matt Bellamy stands by his decision to try a new sound, explaining that after seeing artists like Skrillex and Nero in concert, he felt a surge of inspiration, and liked the idea of a challenge. “I recently saw Nero in concert and that made a big impression on me. We didn’t want to do pure dubstep because we didn’t want to be in competition with artists who do it much better than us. But it gave us a challenge to incorporate certain elements. It was exciting creating a track that style but in a more organic way with live instruments.”

You can check out the newest single from the album, “Madness” here, and let us know what you think! Do you think that Muse might be on to something, or should they just stick with what they know best?

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