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Elektro Daily Review Apollo 440′s Album The Future’s What It Used To Be

Elektro magazine, one of the most influentially informative magazines of EDM, takes you behind the turntables into the lives of the numerous DJs and artists, sharing the passion behind the music and giving fans an all access backstage pass. Recently, Elektro found out about Apollo 440′s return and decided to review their new album, The Future’s What It Used To Be. They believe the pioneers managed to keep their strong, original Electro-Rock roots intact within an explosive demand for EDM.

But don’t just take our word for it! Check out the actual review at the Elektro website.

Acid Ted Reviews The Return Of Apollo 440

Acid Ted has a fantastic blog that plays some of the most unique dance music. Being a fan of Apollo 440, Acid Ted was amazed when we told him about their new album The Future’s What It Used To Be, and even more amazed after listening to it.

Check out Acid Ted’s review HERE.

JogTunes Previews Apollo 440′s New Album, The Future’s What It Used To Be

JogTunes is an indie podcast with a mission to promote the unique blend of music and exercise by matching the tempo of the music to the pace of the workout. Fortunately they came across the fast-pace, Electro-rock sound of Apollo 440′s new album The Future’s What It Used To Be, and featured it in their podcast.

Check out there Apollo 440 podcasts episode HERE, and feel free to work out to it!

Alfitude Reviews The Return Of Apollo 440

Alfitude is a new music blog featuring everything from grime to electro.The UK based blog is more interested where the music takes their readers, rather than where it’s coming from. The blog saw true talent in the new Apollo 440 release, The Future’s What It Used To Be. Alfitude feature the band’s incredible new single, A Deeper Dub while reminding fans of the legendary single, Stop The Rock.

Check out the awesome video, A Deeper Dub below and also be sure check out the original article on Alfitude.

Apollo 440 – The Future’s What It Used To Be


Apollo 440 burst onto the electronic music scene in the late 90s with their first release, “Electro Glide in Blue.” The leading single from that album, “Ain’t Talkin’ ‘bout Dub,” which sampled an iconic Van Halen guitar riff and mixed it with drum and bass elements, reached #7 on the UK singles charts. Two years later, their next single “Stop the Rock,” a blues rock anthem infused with elements of dub and ambient, went to #10 on the UK singles charts and was also featured in the FIFA 2000 video game for Playstation and the American film “Gone in 60 Seconds.” Apollo 440’s aggressive, rock-inspired brand of electronica became widely popular. Along with contemporaries Prodigy and The Chemical Brothers, Apollo 440 helped to pioneer a new genre that would later lead the emergence of dub step.

Apollo 440 now returns with the release of their fifth studio album, “The Future’s What It Used To Be.” The album is the first from the group in almost 10 years, but Apollo 440 pick up right where they left off, with a package that’s full of the same kind of high energy, dub-infused electro-rock anthems that made them famous earlier in their career. The lead single from the collection, “A Deeper Dub,” is a reworking of the C + C Music Factory’s single “A Deeper Love” and harbors an infectious beat and a captivating chorus similar to past Apollo 440 hits.

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