Molella & Biagio D’Anelli - Loco Por Ti (REMIXES) - Cover Art
  • Release Date: April 08, 2022
  • Catalog No: RAD 99524-0
  • Label: Radikal Records
  • Type: Remixes
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Molella & Biagio D’Anelli – Loco Por Ti (feat. J. Peralta) [Remixes]


“Loco Por Ti” is the new collaborative hit single from DJs MolellaBiagio D’Anelli and Dominican singer-songwriter Jeffrey Peralta (AKA J.PERALTA). Since its release in January 2022 the single has been lighting up clubs, sporting arenas and dancefloors worldwide. Now in support of the single comes and official remix package featuring 5 fresh new mixes of the track.

Featuring an infectious hook delivered by J.PERALTA, the original single puts a unique spin on the Russian folk song “Korobeiniki”, famously known as the Tetris theme song.

Opening up the release is a pure Latin version produced by talented artist IMMA that kicks the remix package off right with a high-energy mix. Next up is a new mix from Molella himself with a “90’s Remix”, a throwback mix that accentuates the melody’s Tetris roots with videogame electro sounds.

Additional mixes are provided by the pairings of Nico Zandolino & Alex Nocera and Paolo RossatoGiancarlo Romano who deliver fresh house mixes of the track, closing with urban mix with winks to the world of trap production and influences. Summer 2022 is coming, and with the “Loco Por Ti” remixes, we’re ready.

DJ Molella - Live

DJ Molella

In 2020 Molella started working with Radikal Records releasing “Starlight & Gold” his dance-pop collaboration with multi-platinum selling singer-songwriter KT Tunstall, and dropping an official remix for RIP Youth‘s debut single “You Love” with Bombs Away and Reigan. In 2021 the DJ released the feel-good collab singles “Just Love” with Devonte and “It’s Alright” with Adam Jaymes.

Molella is one of the most celebrated DJ’s of Italy’s Radio Deejay national radio network with an audience of over 5 million, with which he is also touring nationally with the live show ‘Deejay Time in Tour’. As a producer, he has a long list of credits of top-selling tracks and remixes with huge Italian pop and rock names. Molella has also seen great success in UK and internationally with the club hit and stadium anthem ‘Freed From Desire’ by Gala.

Gaining worldwide respect in the dance scene for his collaboration with the house music master Little “Lou” Vega, Biagio D’Anelli has made himself known by a wider audience thanks to his participation in the latest edition of Big Brother Italy. “Loco Por Ti” shows off D’Anelli and Molella’s natural chemistry in the studio as the DJs provide high-energy electro house perfect for J. Peralta’s impressive vocal performance.

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