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DJs From Mars At Winter Music Conference

DJs From Mars

Miami Winter Conference is just a couple of days away, and DJs From Mars will make their way back down to Earth to mix at the famous terrace of the Clevelander on March 23rd at the Syncopate Party! If you’re in the area make sure you go check them out! And listen to DJs From Mars new record Phat Ass Drop!!

Antoine Becks’ “Life Of The Wild” On Traveling 2 Marz

Antoine Becks

With two weeks left until the release of Life Of The Wild by Antoine Becks on March 26th, the team at Travelling 2 Marz decided to feature Antoine in their “Artist Spotlight” section which can be viewed here.

Follow Antoine on twitter @AntoineBecks and check out his website !

Preview the teaser to Life Of The Wild here!

“Life Of The Wild” By Antoine Becks Featured On CrankThatBass.Net

Antoine Becks’ new single Life Of The Wild was featured on and the article can be read here

His first single, “Life Of The Wild” is already an anthem for clubs around the world. Antoine is also the ONLY international DJ to perform live vocals during his sets. That fact alone blows my mind. The full version of this song will hit the airwaves officially March 26th.

Watch the teaser video to Life Of The Wild here!

Throwback Thursday: “Blood Is Pumpin’” (Club Remix) By Voodoo & Serano


Today’s throwback Thursday track is the Club Mix of Blood Is Pumpin’ by German DJs/producers Voodoo and Serano. Blood Is Pumpin’ was released in 2001, and was way ahead of its time, with regards to melodic buildups and hard drops. Listening to this dance track might bring nostalgia to a few clubheads out there…

Top House Music Blog Posts “Life Of The Wild” By Antoine Becks

Life Of The Wild Cover
Shout out to our friends at Top House Music for posting the new Antoine Becks music video Life Of The Wild on their website which you can see here

Life Of The Wild will be released on iTunes and Beatport in the US on March 26th, and is now available for download on our website.

Follow Antoine on twitter @AntoineBecks and check out his website !

DJs From Mars “Phat Ass Drop” Enters Fusion Radio’s Playlist

Fusion Radio

The new single by DJs From Mars Phat Ass Drop just made its way into Fusion Radio’s playlist, and we need your help to get it into their Top 20! Click here to find their request page, and let Fusion Radio know you want to hear DJs From Mars’ Phat Ass Drop!!

And if you haven’t seen their video yet, do so, you might come out of it an EDM producer yourself!

Jochen Miller Spins Gemellini’s “This Love (Maison & Dragen Remix)” In His AH.FM Set


Shout out to DJ Jochen Miller for including Gemellini’s  This Love Maison & Dragen Remix in his live mix on AH.FM. See his playlist here And listen to this epic Maison & Dragen remix for Friday’s sake!

Radikal Records Set To Release Antoine Becks’ “Life Of The Wild” In The US

Life Of The Wild Cover

After a decade of collaborative dance releases under his belt – many of them as a featured vocalist – Los Angeles based DJ, Antoine Becks, is now ready to strike out on his own. His new single, “Life Of The Wild” is his first effort as a solo artist. The complete single package, which includes the original, radio and instrumental mixes is set for release in North America on Radikal Records March 26th.

Antoine Becks, while new as a solo artist, is certainly no rookie. With his previous live act, Second Sun, Antoine performed at some of the biggest clubs and festivals all over the world. He is the voice behind global dance hits such as Sharam’s “Party All The Time” and Second Sun’s collaboration with Paul Van Dyk on “Crush,” which he also wrote and produced. “Crush” also appeared on the Paul Van Dyk’s Grammy nominated album “Reflections.”

Antoine Becks lends his own vocals on his latest track as well. Being a classically trained multi-instrumentalist, Becks is uniquely talented in his genre. He is the only international DJ to perform live vocals during his sets, creating epic live moments at every show. “Antoine’s utter enthusiasm gets your feet off the floor. Electrifying, unpredictable and energizing,” raves REMIX magazine.

“Life Of The Wild” is a clubland anthem in the making. Having been recently road-tested in front of over 30,000 clubbers in support of David Guetta & Tiesto, the song was received with hugely positive crowd reactions on completely smashed dance floors.

Follow Antoine on twitter @AntoineBecks and check out his website !

“Live For The Lights” by Gromee Posted By Skope Magazine

Live For The Lights Cover Art

Special shout out to the folks at Skope Mag for their featuring of Gromee’s single Live For The Lights featuring Ali Tennant which you can see here and here’s what they have to say:

Live For The Lights is a rousing party anthem with a mainstream club sound dubbed with vocals from Ali Tennant which takes the track to another level.

Watch it here! Catch yourself singing along before you know it! This is catchy!

Throwback Thursday: Phuture Vibes by Mellow Trax

The Throwback Thursday Radikal track of the week is Phuture Vibes by Mellow Trax! Mellow Trax is a German techno DJ and producer who gained fame through the single Phuture Vibes which was released in 1999, and entered the charts in Germany, and Austria. This record is sure to bring you back to the 90′s techno club days!