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Stream HEART FX’s “King Without a Throne (Bimbo Jones Vocal Mix)” on YouTube

Austrian duo HEART FX kicked off the summer last month with their North American release of “King Without a Thrones (feat. Joe Jury).” The single is sure to be one that will be on repeat all summer long! “King Without a Throne” hits the clubs and music festivals with a simple message, “everyone gets lonely and nostalgic at times.” Below you can stream the Bimbo Jones Vocal Mix on YouTube.

HEART FX is made up of Markus Schulz and Mario Staniek, two talented producers who have worked with some of today’s top artists including Meghan Trainor and Delany Jane. British singer-songwriter Joe Jury lends his emotive and powerful vocals to the track. His lyrics speak of the anxiety that affects many young people these days as they strive for happier times ahead in the uncertain world we live in. Don’t let the song’s deep message fool you, its trap-like chorus is guaranteed to get any party going and packs a punch that is perfect to electronic music lovers. The single is on trend with the clean minimalist electro-pop production that has been dominating the global charts right now. “King Without a Throne” appeals to fans of The Chainsmokers and Kygo alike.

The Radikal Records release of “King Without a Throne (feat. Joe Jury)” includes remixes that feature new interpretations from Bimbo Jones, Pri yon Joni, KC Anderson, and more.  The single is available on Amazon, iTunes, Bandcamp and Google Play. It will also be available to stream on Spotify.