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Kristian Nairn Featured on Ultimate Music

Kristian Nairn, of Game of Thrones fame, just premiered his newest single with Salt Ashes and Ultimate Music gave “4Love” the highest of praises. Ultimate Music dubbed the track an “absolutely fantastic” follow-up to his debut release “Up/Beacon (feat. Leanne Robinson)” which began his musical career and showed the world that he was even more than just an actor on a critically-acclaimed hit show. In the article, Ultimate Music likened Salt Ashes’ vocals to those of pop legends like Madonna and Kylie Minogue. Together, Kristian Nairn and Salt Ashes gave us a disco-inspired song that they brought into the modern era and made unforgettable.

Listen to “4Love (feat. Salt Ashes)” below:

Both we and Ultimate Music are eagerly anticipating the release of Kristian Nairn’s first studio album but until then, we’ll keep listening to “4Love (feat. Salt Ashes)” which is available now on iTunesBeatportBandcampSpotify, and SoundCloud.

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